Thursday, April 10, 2008

Raising the Roof

No, the roof is not on fire, but it might as well be. We were gifted our first big surprise on the SolTrekker build last week when we found out that the entire roof is pretty much crapola. And by crapola, I mean waterlogged plywood. It turns out that if you have a Filon roof (also a synonym for crapola) you should be sealing it at least once every two years, something that the original owner wasn't aware of, either. If you don't, you get lots of pinhole leaks that slowly turn your roof to soggy mushrooms even if you never see any evidence of water damage. It's only when your unsuspecting friend steps through the roof while helping you to remove an awning that you get to experience the joy of discovery. Maybe they should just make the roofs out of fungus right from the start?

Anyway, thanks to the awesome techs at Monaco Coach, we're getting a new roof in record time, but it still sets the project back a few weeks. We're still aiming to be at the Greener Homes and Gardens Show in Portland on May 17, but it'll be tight. Stay tuned.

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Max Boughner said...

Hmm, it's not that bad to seal it at least once in every two years. Some people have had more problems other than that, and in fact, maintaining the roof is part of the owner's responsibilities. Anyhow, it's still best to install a roofing that would last for a long time. It's everyone's preference, of course! It would be less costly, less hazardous and less worries.

Max Boughner