Thursday, January 24, 2008

Marathon from Oregon to Florida

It's not like we'll be running, but we'll probably be pretty tired when we arrive. This Saturday Michael and I will be taking the 'trekker down from Oregon to Florida, accompanied by a few rideshare riders. We'll be hitting California on Saturday, Arizona on Sunday, Texas on Monday and aim to hit Orlando by Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. We'll be taking that route to avoid snow and mountain passes. If you see us chugging by on the freeway, give us a wave.

Our destination is the Sustainable Biodiesel Summit and National Biodiesel Conference in Orlando, Florida. For those who are interested, we'll have some reports and photos when the conference ends on February 5. I'm excited to see all of the friends made at last year's conference in San Antonio, like the crew pictured here, and it will be good fun to introduce Michael into the mix.

Peace from the road!