Monday, March 5, 2007

Brain Still One Month Behind Body

It's true, the adventures are happening faster than I can write them down. I'm okay with that now. I've made my peace. Hopefully, you will too. Real-time is overrated anyway. I mean, how can you possibly fault me when I'm in the company of folks like Leslie, the Mayor of Mardi Gras? Have a look at other fun and well-shot photographs by my new friend and fellow freelancer Benjamin Arseguel, at

I had to forego Florida because it felt like too much of a rush. So I'm still in Austin for another week. That's when I'll head north where spring will have fully arrived, melted all snow and banished cold temperatures. I'll have your weekend forecasts later on tonight.


n8gomez said...

Who's the dude in the red shoes? I hope he's still traveling with you when you get here. It looks like he would be a good candidate to walk around announcing "I'll be buggered... arrr!"

n8gomez said...

Brain still behind... been there buddy.